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Silo Cleaning Services Ltd Efficient, safe silo cleaning

Silo Cleaning Services use the only proven remote controlled silo/bin/hopper cleaning method that totally eliminates the need for man entry, the Roof and Wallmaster(c) in conjunction with the gyro whip, to remove blockages and build ups within the Silo. The Roof and Wallmaster’s(c) unique cleaning system enables the cleaning of all surfaces including the top 2.5 metres of the silo walls and internal silo roof which the gyro whip is unable to reach, in addition to the very bottom of any silo/bin or hopper, from coned to flat bottom.

Whatever the project, the Roof and Wallmaster has no restrictions within any confined space. This method was demonstrated to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the very favourable results printed in various trade magazines world wide.

As well as whipping Silo Cleaning Services offer to extract the material from the bottom of the silo. Our own powerful DISAB vacuum tanker can tackle the hardest of jobs with the ability to both suck material from the silo and to blow it back into the system to save waste.

Silo Cleaning Services offer a simple pricing system, which reduces the need for complicated analysis to calculate the final price of a job.

There are no hidden costs. There is no charge for mobilisation, no charge for lodging allowance and no overtime rate.

For Companies situated more than 100 miles from Rotherham a mileage charge on top of the fixed hourly rate may be required.

Other than this Silo Cleaning Services charge one rate. This rate, which includes all consumable materials, is based upon a minimum of 10 hours work per day.

Should any work continue into the weekend, providing the customer gives three full days notice, Silo Cleaning Services will continue to charge the same hourly rate. There will be no overtime premium.

If the customer requires, Silo Cleaning Services is prepared to give a fixed rate for a fixed job of work. The rate will vary for each individual job and will require a written outline of the designated work.

Individual rates can be quoted for general cleaning, whipping, ceiling cleaning or Vacuum extraction. However Silo Cleaning Services will quote on complete silo cleaning from whipping through to extraction and disposal at a fixed rate should the customer require.

If you have any questions or queries please contact: russ.thomas@silocleaningservices.co.uk.


To give the customer a fair and uncomplicated quote.
To provide a safe and reliable service.
To complete the job on time with the minimum interruption possible.
To be proud of the job when finished.

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