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Silo Blockages

Silo Blockages Silo Cleaning Services

Materials such as Cement, Gypsum, Coal and screenings all have properties that under certain conditions will cause them to cling to Silo walls creating hang ups and blockages.

These blockages create delays in production and loss of storage capacity.

The risks and difficulties attached to recovering materials that will not flow freely from silos and hoppers are well known and in some cases have resulted in serious accidents.

Now it is possible to safely clear the toughest build ups without the need for men entering the silo, with efficient and safe results.
The Roof and Wallmaster(C) and Gyro Whip have been developed to tackle all materials including cement, clinker, coal, grain and flour.

To cope with the design and nature of some silos, the machines are constructed from non sparking aluminium and stainless steel, which also provides the benefit of lightweight manoeuvrability.

Production can continue throughout the operation.  At no point do personnel have to access the silo. The equipment is light and easy to assemble.

The machines are delivered to site, assembled, operated and disassembled by two operators.

The speed at which the machine works decreases the time, costs and the risks involved with man entry.

Silo Cleaning Services will also extract the product from the bottom of the silo.

If you have any questions or queries please contact: russ.thomas@silocleaningservices.co.uk.


To give the customer a fair and uncomplicated quote.
To provide a safe and reliable service.
To complete the job on time with the minimum interruption possible.
To be proud of the job when finished.

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