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Our DISAB Semi-Trailer Mounted Mobile Unit

Silo Cleaning Services uses a Centurion LN 200/8-1812 ST. The semi-trailer Centurion LN 200/8-1812 ST is a material handling unit mounted on a semi-trailer that has both suck and blow capacity.

The semi-trailer can be detached from the truck and used separately. In cases where large amounts of substance are transported, the loader can be used together with a mobile separator (detached tanks to separate materials) which transports the material that has been sucked up to a refuse.

The loader has the lowest noise level available in the world market for vacuum equipment. Centurion LN 200/8-1812 ST carries the same superior characteristics as Centurion LN 200/8-1812 and Centurion LN 200/8-3210 LV in terms of operational and economic efficiency.


The Centurion LN 200/8-1812 ST-loader is powered by a separate built-in diesel engine manufactured by Caterpillar. The machine is an advantageous solution in countries with asymmetric tax regulations with respect to diesel taxation.

The loader is mounted on a semi-trailer with three rear axes. It usually allows higher loading capacity compared to loaders mounted directly on a truck. The loader can also be used while the truck drives.

The Centurion LN 200/8-1812 ST has impressive performance figures:

Maximum Vacuum mbar -800
Maximum Air Flow m3/h 8900
Tank Volume m3 12
Maximum Pressure bar 2
Test Pressure bar 3.3
Noise Level dBA 75

If you have any questions or queries please contact: russ.thomas@silocleaningservices.co.uk.


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