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Environmental Policy

Silo Cleaning Services recognises that its activities affect the environment and is committed to achieving high standards of environmental performance at all of its sites. It is the company's aim to minimise its impact on the environment, as far as this is economically achievable, and to continually improve its environmental performance. This policy covers all aspects of the company's activities.

The key aims of our policy are:-

1. To consider the environment in planning and managing all our business activities.
2. To comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements and improve beyond these where economically viable.
3. To develop and operate a company environmental management system and site specific systems, to ensure effective management of all our operations which significantly affect the environment.
4. To establish environmental performance objectives and targets and to review and revise these periodically.
5. To ensure that the company's operations have the least impact on the environment as far as this is economically viable.
6. To minimise waste in all the company's operations and to reuse, or recycle, wastes where this is economically viable.
7. To minimise consumption of water, energy and raw materials in all the company's operations.
8. To liaise effectively with, and provide accurate information to, regulatory bodies, planning authorities, local communities and their representatives as appropriate.
9. To ensure that contractors to the company understand and act in accordance with this policy as far as this is practicable and to put in place procedures for selecting suppliers and contractors who have high standards of environmental performance.
10. To communicate this policy to all members of staff of the company and to provide training to staff involved in its implementation as appropriate.

If you have any questions or queries please contact: russ.thomas@silocleaningservices.co.uk.

Silo Cleaning Environmental

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