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Vacuum Extraction

Silo Cleaning Services can also extract from silos or clean up spillages using our own DISAB Centurion Vac Tanker. The Disab Centurion is a complete material handling unit that can convey material using an air stream created by vacuum or overpressure. Dry materials like sand, cement fly ash, ore, gravel from blast engines as well as sludge or liquids can be transported pneumatically depending upon the material constancy.

DISAB Unit_Vacuum Extraction DISAB Unit DISAB Unit_Vacuum Extraction

The DISAB Centurion Vac Tanker is a mobile problem solver. It can clean spillages or blockages in difficult or normally inaccessible areas in mill or packing plants, clinker sheds, silos or conveyors. Long robust hoses increase the distance covered for both sucking material up and blowing the product back into the system moving spillages and blockages quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions or queries please contact: russ.thomas@silocleaningservices.co.uk.


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