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Whip Parameters and Applications

Whip Parameters

The Standard Positioning Boom used by Silo Cleaning Services has a three piece arm that can be adjusted to different lengths up to a maximum total reach of 6.4 metres horizontally from the manhole entrance. The boom has a hose reel complete with an air motor drive that holds 45 metres of hose and a variable speed air motor drive for slew bearing for 360 degree rotation.

The Gyro Whip has a multi cutting head which uses a variety of whips and cutting edges to knock down even the toughest materials without damaging the walls of the storage bins.

Typical Material Applications:

Cement Industry

Clinker, Cement, Limestone, Iron Oxide, Gypsum, PFA, Sand, Coal and Aluminium Catalyst

Mining Industry

Gypsum, Ore, Potash, Zinc, Oxide and Coal

Agricultural Industry

Grain, Rape Seed, Flour. Husks, Wheat and Salt

Chemical Industry

Diacalcium, Phosphate Carbonates and Sulphur

Giro Whip Requirements

Giro Whip
Air Pressure 85psi
Minimum Manhole Size 46cm (18in) Square
48cm (19in) round


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